The Quick Start Challenge

Hello, my name is John and I’m an ……………. oops, wrong meeting!

“Actually” (as Dean Holland would say), I’m an Internet Hobbyist Addict – about to tear myself off that merry-go-round after a 12 year addiction and become a real Marketer at last.

In my real life, I have grown from these early stages in the North West and South West of England

Herefordshire 1951
Lancashire 1945

….where I was born in Lancashire just after VE Day and then raised in the wilds of the Herefordshire countryside (with no electricity or running water)…..


to this – full of aged wisdom as a “Grizzly Grandpa”. So can my life on line now also become a moving scene?  You bet it can – on we go…………..

Grandpa Enjoys An Easter Break

You will probably raise an eyebrow and wonder what the heck I can do for you?
But I know, from all the experiences and insights I have gained, that many of the problems that have held me back from “making it” on line are experienced by thousands of others – and if I can help you to face up to and overcome some of your hurdles then I will have proved to myself that I can make a difference after all. How satisfying that will be!

So, on with this Quick Start Challenge – which I was happy to join as the catalyst to making a serious move from being a comfortable hobbyist (with several hard drives full of really valuable but unused information and software) to a working Blogger with a list of readers who all need some help.

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    Hi! Its Steven here from QSC. Hey John! By just reading your post, I can say that you’re a kind and simple individual. I just want to wish you luck with your QSC.
    Steven Brough recently posted…Six Product Ideas for your Online BusinessMy Profile

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      Hi Steven,
      Not so sure about the “Simple” tag, but we’ll have to see how that turns out won’t we!!
      Good Luck yourself
      John Reed recently posted…My Golf BallsMy Profile

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    Hi John,

    I’m of a similar age (70 in October) and like you I have tried my hand a quite a few different jobs and gained valuable experience from each one.

    When you get a chance could you please have a look at my site and let me know what you think.



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    Hi John. I like your style. Great fun. Don’t lose that please.

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    Awesomely written. Liked your simple words 🙂
    I guess after 10 years trying my conclusion isWE ALL NEED TO FOLLOW the KISS rule, .. do you know it by this time?
    Learnt it with a legendary internet marketer in 2001… but seemed not to follow it. .. Means keep it simple stupid
    and the guy is Ken Evoy from Canada.
    Why dont you write down also your state, county and country. Not everyone knows where Lancashire is… 🙂
    Best success and stay well!

    P/s About the primary and secondary button on the horizontal menu,
    you can go to Appearance, Menu and delete those two options if you want to.

    Cheers grandpa!

      • ProntoMajor
      • July 14, 2015

      Hi Teo, thanks for commenting.
      Yes I was on Ken’s list for years, and KISS isn’t just an online acronym so I’ve known it for about 55 years now!
      “Not everyone knows where Lancashire is” ???? !!!! Swallow your tongue and promise never to speak again – haha!
      It is a county in NW England that includes such cities as Manchester and Liverpool. I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of them, unless you know nothing about either Football or the UK Industrial Revolution!
      Don’t worry about the odd appearance of my site, I spent today trying to change the whole thing to a new look and to upload my video – failed to complete either so far – but I’ll get there.

    • Liz
    • July 13, 2015

    Hey John

    Liz here;

    Nice post, such humor you have. Good luck on the challenge “Grandpa”

      • ProntoMajor
      • July 13, 2015

      Thanks Liz – have fun, just looking for the Webinar Time for tonight’s training.

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