Site Theme and Layout – Danger, Man At Work

I shall leave the site up on line during these renovations and experiments, mainly because I have not yet set up my WPLocalHost program which would allow me to try and test all changes on my PC before uploading a streamlined whizz of a site. It replaced WP Simulator, though that does still work I believe.

I’m changing the theme, the layout, the pages and  –  is there anything else? Oh yes, added 10 new plugins and thrown 2 of last weeks away, and got totally stuck trying to upload and set up my 295 Mb .avi Video. That is so annoying after steeling myself to make it and feeling very apprehensive at making it public.

Please bear with me, a Blogger can only do so many things in one day, and an Ancient Blogger has to have a nap now and then!!


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