Moving On – New Challenges

Latest Socrates 5.0 Theme and a new 30 Day Challenge with Liz Tomey.

Testing Latest Socrates 5.0 Theme, Yoast and JetPack, studying Blogging, Site Design and List Building with Funnels – but more great strides forward so far today! Hooray
No doubt you find this too – so many things I want to get done, but so little time for all that detail.
Never mind, it will come together, School Holidays don’t really last for ever and though I love having grandchildren around I’ll be much better placed to make progress in a few weeks time
I’ve moved from my Reseller Hosting to this shared hosting at Ryan Stevenson’s hosting platform to make a fresh start. I have (as usual) too much info but I’m limiting my controlling lessons to a 30-day Challenge by Liz Tomey with other guiding input (free report) from Andrew Hansen and Funnelling via Liz and Lee Murray (more Facebook Groups).

I feel that I have to keep other Earning Methods on hold for now as I must get this Blog up and running as my main platform online. So I binned ideas of using the AWOL Membership (too expensive for my current situation) and I’ve stopped or completely paused several other schemes: – useful input from Huw Hughes
Affiliate Rex Funnels – Tony Marriot’s Scheme
Instaffiliate Product Funnels – JP Schoeffel program
A Peter Garety Course under his Dashnex Label.

I’ve taken some inspiration from a West Canadian Marketer – Fred Ferguson – whose work rate is phenomenal, whose language is pretty over-ripe, and someone I just can’t help liking for his open and honest bluntness. He is 66 and seems to have turned his life around, so I’m only 73 and I can match that sufficiently to be able to help those that like the way I do things – and my language is a bit cleaner than Fred’s (despite my long Army background). **^//>@” etc

What? Heck! – time to cook Grandma’s tea, I promised her Poached Eggs and Mushrooms on Toast tonight if she’ll cook me one of her Fish Pies tomorrow…. have to dash. Bye for now.

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