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  1. John – You are amazing! What a great start you’ve got off to. We are all enthralled.

    Loved your remark, “…then I can direct local interest to the site as well as from the World Wide Web, and maybe even get a social group going to give me that face to face contact with people – I really miss that after being a Hotel Owner and then a Shopkeeper.”

    I miss relating to folks one-on-one also. Aren’t we so fortunate that, half-a-world away, we can have a daily conversation if we choose?

    • Hi, and Thanks Barbara.
      I’ve been having some quite amazing technical problems – I use G-Fonts Pro Plug which has a quick preview and fix button, but I made a silly error somehow and most of my site completely changed to size 64 font.
      The problem was that the control box also jumped to size 64 so it was mainly off the screen area and I couldn’t alter it.
      Deactivating the Plug In took it back to the origial Responsive Theme settings, but then even deleting it and re-installing a new one using my old PC still cocked up the site again as soon as I activated it.
      So, no font changer at present! I’ll learn to use the Google Fonts until Igor and his G-Font support team reply with a workable solution.

      I’m trying to impress two of my Grandsons with the fact that I’m in You Tube – AND No 1 in Google – for Quick Start Challenge John Reed !!!! Haha
      They’re not impressed, they prefer Super Mario!
      Well, back to family now – start of the long School Holidays……. aaaaaaaargh!

  2. I agree with you about themes John, they look lovely on the example pages and then you install them – and they don’t! … It can take some significant tweaking to make them look as nice – these editing options often need trial and error to work out too.

    I really like what you have created here, it’s clean and looks very professional. But the best sites are always those with great content first, and this is the great leveller in this business. If you concentrate on content development you will find you have more time than it might seem to conquer the technical barriers.

    I will keep dropping by and look forward to seeing what else you write about in the future.

    • Thanks Ant, very good to have your experienced eye handy for those of us who may struggle here and there.
      PS: I tried to get a Gravatar pic for this email address here but it kept taking me into my Grizzly Grandpa persona.
      I’ll try again during the W/E, grandchildren permitting

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