About Me

My name is John Reed, often known on line as JohnOYork.

I suppose I am ancient at 72, but most days I don’t feel it.
You know, it may be true, that little boys just grow bigger! Grandma keeps telling me that anyway.

I’m here to have fun and get satisfaction from helping you to build a business on line (either very part-time or seriously large and life changing). I know it can be done, though the best I ever did so far was $800 in one week.
Well I am changing that, and I’ll bet you may be thinking that you “can do it too – or can I?” I’m here to tell you that you can, but it will need some work, and a helping hand.

The personal bit:

I’ve moved around a lot in my life. Brought up in four different UK counties and a spell in Alberta (Canada) I then joined the British Army and lived in UK, Germany, Norway, Malta, and Canada. After 29 years I left as a Major, determined not to be a Colonel Blimp, or Army Barmy – but just a simple civilian!
After a daunting 7 months of job hunting I was appointed as a Drs’ Surgery Manager. It was a valuable experience, but I escaped into self employment after 9 years and zoomed off to North Devon to our dream job of running our own Seaside Hotel for a couple of years.
We then realised we were a bit too old for the physical side of providing 32 breakfasts every day and cleaning 12 rooms over 4 floors.
How sad to leave that lovely 3 miles of sandy beach in Woolacombe, but then ran a city centre Candle Shop business in York selling gifts for 8 years, along with my wife and daughter – great experience to have a family business.
However, a viciously hard winter and the Recession forced us to close down and so we slid into retirement, which just doesn’t feel right – so I’m getting back to work!

Join me as I develop this new “Job” and I will help you to succeed in meeting your aims as well.




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    Hi John: I kind a did the Quick Start Challenge. I did not do so well at completing the Challenge, although I did listen in on all the sessions. Lots of good stuff. I am your same age and still striving to learn how to truly help people and make money too. I have found a group of people whose emphasis is on group and individual support. If you want to take a look go yo http://www.AmustWatch.com. If still interested join our evening gathering at http://www.GrowPros.Today. It is 8:30 pm EDT here in the US. There are also gatherings on Monday and Tuesday evenings. You do not have to join anything to listen in. Take care and want to say how much I love your cover photo! Although I live by the ocean now, I have lived in California and Montana, and love, love, love big mountains. Hope to keep in touch! Frances

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    Hi John,
    I also have been an internet hobbyist and also have hard drives full of unused information have suffered with the bright shiny object syndrome to the point it was becoming an obsession. But have decided enough is enough and as they say don’t worry about the looks just get it done. It feels good to be surrounded by a community of people that all have the same goals and desires and all are motivated to succeed.

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